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Письмо с подтверждением о предоставлении работы (англ.)

Документ относится к группе «Подтверждение». Рекомендуем сохранить ссылку на эту страницу в своем социальном профиле или скачать файл в удобном вам формате.

Dear Mr (Mrs) Name Surname!

I am pleased to confirm the offer we made to you yesterday on the post of (...), commencing on (Date).

Your duties will be outlined at the interview and as described on the attached Job Description.

This appointment carries a commencing salary of... USD after one year's service and thereafter by annual review. You will be entitled to... weeks annual holiday.

The appointment may be terminated at any time by either side giving two months notice in writing.

Please confirm that you accept this appointment on the terms stated and that you will be able to commence your duties on (Date).

Yours sincerely,

Источник - "Резюме, характеристики, рекомендации", "Налоговый вестник"

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