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Рамочный контракт на поставки товаров и предоставление услуг приграничными местными властями (частноправовое регулирование) (англ.)

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к Конвенции Совета Европы
от 21.05.1980 N 106

2.4 Outline contract for the provision of supplies or services between local authorities in frontier areas ("private-law" type)

Introductory note: It is assumed that local authorities have the right to conclude such a contract with local authorities of other countries. Where this is not the case, this possibility should be expressly provided for within the framework of an inter-state agreement (see model agreement 1.4).

This is a type of contract which may be used by local authorities for sales, leases, works contracts, the supply of goods or services, the granting of operating concessions, etc. Local authorities' use of "private-law" contracts is permitted to varying degrees in national legislation and practice and it is difficult to draw the line between "public-law" and "private-law" contracts. Nevertheless it may be assumed that this type of contract may be used wherever, according to the prevailing interpretation in each particular country, the agreement concerns an operation of a commercial or economic type for which a private person or corporate body could also have contracted. In the case of operations which involve action by local authorities in the exercise of functions reserved to public authority, the supplementary rules specified in the "public-law" outline contract (see 2.5) must be borne in mind, in addition to the provisions set out below.


Article 1 specifies the Parties (and whether the agreement is open to other local authorities).

Article 2 specifies the problems connected with general contractual powers and, in particular, beneficiaries and terms and conditions. It may also, where appropriate, specify the necessary reservations regarding authorisation by higher authorities, where this affects the applicability of the contract.

Object of the contract

Article 3 specifies the object of the contract by reference to:

- specific matters;

- geographical areas;

- corporate bodies (municipalities, national bodies with local powers, etc.);

- specific legal forms.

Article 4 specifies the duration of the contract, the conditions for renewal and any completion dates.

Legal regime and financial provisions

Article 5 indicates the place of signature and performance of the contract and specifies the legal regime by which it is governed (private international law) and the law which applies.

Article 6 deals, where appropriate, with financial questions (currency in which payment is to be made and the mode of price adjustment in the case of long term services) and insurance.


Article 7 provides, if necessary, for a conciliation procedure and provides for an arbitration procedure.

In the event of arbitration, the arbitration board shall be made up as follows:

- each Party with opposing interests (Variant: the presidents of the administrative courts with jurisdiction over each of the parties) shall designate a member of the arbitration board and the Parties shall jointly appoint one or two independent members so that there may be an odd number of members;

- where there is an even number of members of the arbitration board and the votes are tied, the independent member shall have a casting vote.

Alteration and termination of the contract

Article 8 specifies the rules to apply in the event of alteration or termination of the contract.

Article 9. The Parties shall inform the Secretary General of the Council of Europe of the conclusion of this agreement and supply him with the text.

Источник - Конвенция СЕ от 21.05.1980 № 106

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